Going commando in school

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Simply put, a character isn't wearing underwear for some reason. According to The Other Wiki" 'Going commando' is reputed to have begun with commando and other special forces military units, in which some soldiers stopped wearing underwear to prevent chafing. When a male does it, it's generally played for humorsquickarousal or if he's wearing a kiltin which it's known as "Going Regimental". When a female does itit's usually treated as fetish material, though it might be Played for Laughs as well.

Going braless, in general, is a different story "going commando" means no under pants — that said, bralessness can be played for the same purposes, and is included in the examples on this. Lack of underwear may also be averted or lampshaded in the case of a Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal of either sex. Other names for Going Commando can be identically separate in these variations as well, e. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. One ad campaign for Cottonelle toilet paper has this trope in mind.

Going commando in school

Some patrons featured have shown in a SFW manner that they didn't have underwear on. Later, they don't even get plugsuits and are naked under their upgraded power armor which is now transparent in places. Lampshaded by Sylia when she tells Mackie that "he's in the girls' changing room" when they're discussing it, and a totally flustered Mackie runs away all red-faced. In Grimgar of Fantasy and AshHaruhiro's group did this since they can't afford to buy more clothes. In fifth grade, Mizuha forgot to bring panties to change into after swim class and she had to spend the entire day like that, which she found liberating.

Afterwards, she often goes to school without panties and secretly takes strip tease selfies in order to experience this feeling of liberation. This habit is also the reason why her panties were left behind with going commando in school love letter. To the surprise of no one, the standard combat uniform of Kill la Kill 's resident resistance groupNudist Beach, does not include underwear. In fact, their organization's inia is a crossed-out speedo. Log Horizon mentions this being true at first: apparently, Adventurer outfits do not come with underwear of any kind.

Once the Adventurers work out how to produce goods in this world, underwear immediately becomes a best-selling clothes item, particularly among female Adventurers. During the second New Year's chapter of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid Lifeboth Fate and Einhart end up wearing kimonos without any underwear the former because of a misconception when she was and the latter because the former dressed her.

And then Einhart ends up having a Wardrobe Malfunction while out in public.

Going commando in school

The manga Shiritsu Hakanai Gakuen begins with Hanao placing a ban on underwear after becoming class president, making it mandatory for all students at the school to go commando. Neon Genesis Evangelion has the pilots commando when in their plugsuits. Confirmed in the first Rebuild movie. Godannar has the pilots commando when in their spandex piloting outfits. Confirmed in the last few episodes. Yuuutsu-kun to Succubus-san : Eru's top is a shirt with long sleeves that only goes down past her breasts. A long gown covers the rest of her body from the stomach down. In a moment of A-Cup AngstSakuma flips her "boob skirt" and unwittingly discovers that Eru doesn't wear anything underneath.

The humiliation of the moment leaves Eru huddled in a fetal position next to, and just like, the chronically depressed Yuu. Jeff Foxworthy did a stand-up routine about this trope and gender roles. When a woman mentions that she's not wearing underwear, it's a turn-on for men. When a man mentions not wearing underwear, the reaction from women is quite different.

Going commando in school

Jeff: [as a distraught wife] Good Lord, I'm going to have to wash those pants twice! In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku! So when Mei is embedded in the ceiling, janitor Hana Aoi doesn't see any panties on her when she looks up. Live-Action TV. Friends : Joey does it. It's mentioned a few times. Joey was once wearing Chandler's pants — not just a pair of Chandler's pants, but all of Chandler's pants. But prior to the pants-wearing, it's invoked by name to explain why Joey can't wear a rental tux after Chandler hid all the clothing Joey owned but wasn't wearing.

Gunther: Hey buddy, this is a family place. Put the mouse back in the house. Video Games. Theoretically, given that of all the characters shown undressed during the sex scenes in the Mass Effect trilogy everyone who is shown wearing underwear is human, we have no evidence anyone else wears underwear at all. It could be merely a human invention.

Going commando in school

Since the "dresses" are part of their bodies, they don't wear anything underneath not that there's really anything under them. Visual Novels. Web Comics. In Tales to Beholdfew of the characters, male or female, bother with underwear. Web Original. The Image Macro characters "Foul Bachelor Frog" and "Foul Bachelorette Frog" are mentioned as doing this, most commonly when they've run out of clean underwear and can't be bothered to do laundry or even buy more. Western Animation. When their leader Numbuh One-Love is asked how this was possible, he replies that none of them wear underwear.

The scene cuts away as he drops going commando in school pants to prove it. A Ukrainian advertisement for Russian telecommunications company Beeline includes a scene with several couples dancing, cutting to a very low shot just as one dancer performs a twirl that makes her dress fly way up.

In one version of the ad, this dancer is wearing white panties, while in going commando in school second version with a slightly different voiceover, she isn't wearing any panties at all. When this version reached the Internet and quickly became quite widespread, the company responded to the ensuing scandal by claiming that it was the result of digital image editing.

Brooke Shields had a famous commercial with the statement "Nothing comes between me and my Calvin Kleins". A Rover MG commercial has girl's skirt blow up due to two guy's zooming by in a car, revealing her to be under this trope. That being said, the most naughty bits are covered by a censor shadow. Arcade Gamer Fubuki.

Fubuki had to go through this trope when her panties were stolen in episode two. In Baccano! Natsu-Megu from As the Gods Will doesn't wear panties under a skirt. Yamada does this on purpose in an early episode of B Gata H Kei. Then she asks her totally not boyfriend Kosuda if he likes girls who go around without panties, but runs away before he can answer. Then at the end, he confronts her, slamming open the door and demanding to know the meaning behind the question Bleach : During Renji's flashback to how he met Rukia, Rukia enters his life by tripping up the adult chasing down Renji's gang.

Her high kicks and split kimono reveal that she's wearing nothing underneath it. Buso Renkin : Towards the end of the series there is a brief fanservice scene of Tokiko getting ready for a mission, which briefly shows that she doesn't wear any underwear beneath either her casual clothes, or her ature Sailor Fuku uniform.

Cahe Detective Club : Miyu isn't usually concerned about her panties showing. However one day she forgot to bring them to change after swimming class. This made her embarrassed and careful about what she does until her swimsuit can dry for half the day. The next day after her ordeal, she made sure not to forget them When Touma destroyed Index's outfit when they first met, she wasn't wearing undergarments. Oriana Thompson arranges her clothes in a way to make it clear she doesn't have anything underneath.

Plus there was one time Kuroko teleported off Mikoto's undergarments. Run in A Channel discovers she accidentally forgot to put socks on both feet, while bending down to take the one sock off, Tooru, standing behind her, discovers Run forgot something else too. Chii in Chobits is naked when she's first picked up by Hideki.

He gives her his own clothing immediately and is given "hand me downs" from Miss Hibeya but she's definitely lacking underwear.

Going commando in school

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