Sexting a married man

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Women have different reasons to seduce a married man — they may have a strong crush or be in love with them, or look for them for companionship or sustenance sex is often the exchange for the money, gifts and outings women receive from married menthey may want to use their position if he is their boss or in a state to help them to climb the corporate ladder, or because they have fantasized about having sex with them.

Or simply because they are bored and want to add some zing in their life. Or maybe they feel the need to feel good about their bodies at this time or use it as revenge sex? Beyond these two, there can be many other reasons why one would want to seduce a married Man. Whatever reasons you may have, if you belong in this category this article is for you.

We will help you with tricks and hacks to make the man go weak in his knees and also help you figure out how to attract a married man and make that relationship more than just a physical one. The principles of seducing a man, whether he is married or not, largely remain the same. Arousing the manbuilding the anticipation for great sex, the build-up of the tension and the play of emotions, all need to be mastered. Seduction is an art. And while most women think just being open to being in a relationship sexting a married man a married man is good enough, in truth seducing a man needs a lot more work.

Hooking up with someone who is married is not easy but you can do a few things to attract a married man. Seduction, my friend is an art, and one that plays on human psychology.

Sexting a married man

To seduce a man, especially if he is married, you basically need to convince him to do something that for him carries the risk of discovery and a ruined married life or at the least an extremely angry wife. If the affair gets exposed it is about being open to huge social ridicule. Even if he may want to sleep with you, he will be wary of the consequences it can bring.

Seduction basically means that you intend to make him sleep with you, without any promises of love or marriage. Seduction can only cast a spell, and after some time may wear off. And if you are a single woman then there are chances that you will get emotionally invested in the married man and he may dump you once the novelty of the relationship has worn off.

But if you have made up your mind to seduce a married man, sexting a married man will help you with tricks and hacks the first being that you must identify his weak points — a bad marriage, a nasty partner, lusty nature or flirty behaviour, stress at workplace, incompatibility in the bedroom? And once you have identified where the lack is you can use it to your advantage.

Seducing a man, especially one who is not yours, can be exciting as well as tricky. Whatever your motive- to enjoy a lustful evening or have him like you or to eventually build a deep bond, you can seduce a man who is not yours and drive him crazy with sexual tension and create electricity between the two of you.

Women have the power to turn men into putty and fall for them hard provided they understand how to play their cards. Remember, timing is important, you do not need to play dirty just use your feminine traits to maximum effects. Somewhere in the far reaches of our underdeveloped, hormone-heavy minds, we must be aware that smell is one of our most powerful senses. Everything we use, shampoo, cream, oil, soap, make-up aftershave, why do we pay dollops to smell good? Because the way we smell can actually make us appear more attractive. Scents affect the way we think about the other sex in our subconscious.

Remember the advice on staying loyal to one perfume. This is about the psychological power that fragrance has in making us think of a certain person because we associate that small with them. Use this knowledge to seduce your married man. Know what he likes, since we each have our individual preference and spend the moolah on it, yes even if it is expensive. Come home, revisit the scent a couple of hours later when your nose has had the chance to settle down.

Then, look for your chosen perfume online. You have a far greater chance of finding some attractive deals here. But be cautious about the source of your purchase and buy only from a trusted site that vouches for the authenticity of its products. But use it in a reasonable quantity, you do not want to overkill. Apply perfume to your wrists, bend of elbows, behind your knees, and inside of the ankles.

Every time you walk past him, the scent will register in his mind and will aid your success in seduction. He will associate the scent with you and probably look for you around even if someone else wears it. And if this ends up on a date night then you are set. Perfume does play a great role in attracting a married man. Layer your perfume, because it can only last as long. Layering with a body cream will help the fragrance to last on skin and spraying your scent into the air and walking through it will give you a mist on your hair and clothes too.

How to flirt with a sexting a married man man? You do not have to be near him to seduce him, thanks to the technology-driven world we live in. Every time his phone beeps he will think if it is from you and he will automatically think of you. So play it smart, do not over text. A text with a subtle hint or a few suggestive words can make him go mad with desire and anticipation.

He may start thinking of what the two of you can do together, you will capture his mind space. Time your texts so that he gets to feel them, not just read and forget about them. Learn his routine and use that knowledge efficiently! It is worth mentioning here that sexting someone in the night can make him go to sleep thinking about you. Get him addicted to your texts. Please read about this query we got at Bonobology here. Related reading: How to seduce a man through text messaging?

Sexting a married man

To attract a married man, you can pull out your black dress, but it should hide as much as it reveals. Just show a hint of cleavage, maybe that slit should only allow for a fleeting glimpse of your toned calves, perhaps a little net which allows a little peek but hides more. Seduction is an art and that art is about what can you make the man anticipate.

Wear something that shows off your best assets and accessorize your dressing with a good pair of heels which will also enhance your posture. There are other accessories which drive men crazy and you can find them here. You can also wear tight clothes and show your curves without actually showing any skin, a great option for those who want to stay covered up for the most part.

You can show your tattoo and rub your hand suggestively over it. The key is to balance how much you show can conceal. Similarly, pairing a pencil skirt with stilettoes rather than flats or pumps can elevate your look instantly. Remember skimpy clothes and showing off too much cleavage can get you unwelcoming stares from all kinds of sexting a married man which may leave both of you feeling uncomfortable. You need to assure him that what you have is just for him — he gets to see you, not everyone else.

Play a little peek here, peek now game, you can show your bra strap by accident. Build up by showing a little, but hiding more. This would make him want to look for more, and more without the clothes maybe. So you want him and more sexting a married man because he is unavailable.

Men rarely get heard, especially the married ones. Take interest in him, ask him about his workday, or how he unwinds once he reaches home. Ask him about his favourite drink and share a few laughs around it. Speak about your cute drunk phases, ask him about his.

If you get a little closer, ask him about his struggles and fears, run your hand through his face when you do so. Listen to him attentively. Hold his gaze every time and smile at him when he forgets what he was saying. Listen to his problems, without interrupting, and offer only solicited advice, only when asked. Use the time to touch him on the hand, a casual rub on the shoulder and a little concern to complete the equation. Do your eyes up, make sure he is not looking at you and look at him.

Sexting a married man

He will feel your eyes and turn to you, the moment your eyes meet, look away with the hint of a smile on your lips. Play with your hair casually, run your fingers through your tresses, throw them off your shoulders to expose your neck. Wet your lips softly with the slightest smile. Face him directly, and if standing, lean forward now and then between a conversation. Caress objects that are within reach. Men find active women amazingly attractive — sexting a married man the dance, chat, and mingle at social gatherings, move around.

Smile, there are so many types there — mysterious, playful, flirty, happy, reassuring. Men are always drawn to smiling happy women. Womanly curves are nothing if accentuated. Practice the tone, soft pleasant, and slightly deeper tone works like magic.

Do not rush words, take your time with them. Use your body language to send him s that you are interested in him. These s can not only be read by experienced men, but also the ones who are inexperienced. This is one of the most powerful ways to seduce a man — it is not only entertaining but also stimulates sexual thoughts and fantasies.

Should you get a chance to hit the dance floor, make sure you practice it well.

Sexting a married man

Show off your dancing skills and build sexual tension by dancing together, touching just as much. The sexual tension that builds up between a dancing couple cannot match anything else. The occasional hand on the waist, the sensual brushing of the body and the music hitting just the right chords — you have a recipe for some great sexual chemistry. Our confidence has a big impact on how we treat life, doubting yourself at every juncture definitely dampens the spirit and makes us seem undecisive if nothing else.

Sexting a married man

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