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To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewerand support Mumsnet. All the advice online and from school seems to be that this is normal behaviour and to help him feel better. Again, all the advice seems to be this is normal and not to over react. Is this my problem? I just feel the advice is too liberal, does anyone agree? Im surprised the police haven't been involved. Its not normal and he doesn't sound mature at all. I'd be in 'tonne of bricks' territory! My DS would be grounded, tech confiscated and all privileges having to be earned back - his homework would be supervised I'd also be checking all IT security and having dh do the same.

He'd be teen dick pic very limited sympathy from me, but he would be having some very pointed conversations about the distribution of indecent images of children and the law. We had the discussion about porn and sending nudes before this all happened, hence why I feel so shocked and let down. The computer controls were an oversight, all his tech has been removed has controls so he was using mine no controls. He should be very scared right about now as this actually counts as making and distributing child pornography. He needs to clearly understand the ramifications of his behaviour.

Teen dick pic

It's becoming too common. But be warned my friends DS was just prosecuted on child pornagraphy charges for exactly this despite being under 16 at the time images were exchanged. I read somewhere of a mother who responded to her teenage sons porn use by making him watch with her.

Sounded like a very difficult thing to do but was apparently effective. Someone must have distributed them? I remember this happening at my daughters school a few years ago. The boy involved was very traumatised by the whole thing, even though he started it.

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A very troubling option that kids have now with the use of phones and they don't realise that mud sticks for many years! I'd be devastated if my kid done this and i'd try and get a local policeman to have a word, hopefully scare him off this type of behaviour.

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Your disappointment can be a powerful tool, depending on your dc mine hate my disappointment, they'd much rather I got cross. There's a time for a liberal approach, this is most certainly not it. Does he realise that once something is in cyberspace it's almost impossible ot remove? Yes, the girl showed it to friends, it was on snapchat, screenshotted etc. I just wanted the reassurance that other mums would also be livid as everyone around me seems to be treating him with kid gloves! Lots of kids do that. Its not right but it's very common. I think you're overeating a tad. Love that typo- how very rude of you doh You need to tighten up his ability to access online porn.

Id get him a phone with parental restrictions on and also sort out any computers or laptops etc at home. If he has an iPhone then you can easily set up parental restrictions so that he is unable to delete any of his search history. He has breached your trust and this is your opportunity to take action. I'd be drumming into him that by accessing porn he is running the risk of accidentally seeing images with children in. He can't know how old the girls or boys are. Does he really want to risk looking at children being abused.

He also can't Know that some of the people involved in the porn aren't being forced to do it. Does he really want to watch people being raped Sadly so many grown men think this is normal behaviour. Its not normal and why would you be making him feel better? Teen dick pic hope you are putting some punishments in place? This seems to be getting the message through and also keeping the teasing at school just in school. I honestly thought the talks I had had with my son prior to this happening and having really good communication were enough to prevent this situation occurring, it just goes to show you can never assume a job is done with parenting.

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Teen dick pic

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